Campus Kids
Invades Camel Beach

Written by Doug Bienstock
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The campers had been hearing rumors since Monday. "Global Rover" was happening soon and everyone wanted to know where they were roving to.  The secret was kept under wraps until we were on our way... This summer's Global Rover was a trip Camel Beach Water Park!

Everyone could barely contain themselves on the hour long bus ride.  Campers and staff jumped off the bus in anticipation for an awesome wet experience.

The water and waves of the Kahuna Lagoon were a little bit cold...

but that didn't stop Campus Kids from having a good time.

Some showed off their boogey boarding skills in the artificial ocean waves


It looked like the kids were doing a little better than some of their counselors.

The daunting Spin Cycle loomed high in the sky.  It dared CK to come over and grab a tube.

The ride failed to scare campus kids away. Campers did walk away with knowledge of what happens inside a washing machine...

Next up was Titan, a twisting turning maze of purple.

Titan was a little more intense than the other rides.  Almost everyone rode the Titan and walked away unscathed.

There was something for everyone at Camel Beach.  Tom decided to brush up on his skills before he takes on Tiger Woods in the next PGA Tour.

For a more relaxing experience Campers headed to the Lazy River.  The river meandered through the park, giving riders some time to take a break.

Everyone ventured over to the picnic area for a healthy lunch.  Sandwiches were served and sunscreen re-applied.

The rides called CK back into the water park for some more fun.

Before we knew it, the time had come to leave. Campers and staff dried off and headed off to the buses

and waved good bye to Camel Beach.

Who knows where next year's global rover will take Campus Kids??


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