Fantastic Gymnastics!
Photos and Article by Abi
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The gymnastics rules should always be followed...

Each group started out with stretching. It's very important to stretch correctly, or you could hurt yourself.

Each camper was shown a series of stretches to make gymnastics safer for them.

If you don't stretch... this might happen to you!

Some campers were even smiling while they stretched!

After the last stretches, the campers were ready to hit the mats.

Other campers watched in awe while the gymnasts put on a show full of tricks and moves.

After stretching campers practiced their handstands.

Some campers even went the extra mile to help other campers get their handstands up.

Before long, campers were switching up their handstands to show off their fancy footwork.

Campers also practiced their forward rolls.

Spectator Jackie looks on with a smile on her face.

Soon afterwards campers do forward rolls on the trampoline.

Another camper does a roll over a mat.

She prepares to clear the obstacle...


Stu and Becks help a younger camper with a fancy trick!

They also help Matt do a flip off the trampoline!

Some campers were even able to do tricks not shown at gymnastics.

Campers were then asked to demonstrate tuck and straddle jumps.  Here a camper tuck jumps across the trampoline.

Another camper does straddle jumps to the other end.

She is soon followed by another camper doing straddle jumps.

Even some staff joined in!
Stu helps Mel do a flip.

He also helps Kirpal too!

Mel uses Stu to help push off with her flip.

The staff was always there while campers did gymnastics to ensure the children's safety.

Kirpal looks on as David clears his target.

Stu and Becks also look on to make sure everybody is properly spotted.

Campers were attentive throughout the period.

Campers were very kind and always waited patiently for their turns.

Thanks for letting me watch!


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