Photo of a Photo
Written by Ethan Head
(click on photos to enlarge)

As you have probably noticed, photography could be considered a small hobby of mine.  Because of this, today I decided to write a photo journal on the photo activity. 

To aid the campers in their journey to photo fame, arrived the magnificent Matt, who's photography skills could only be matched by a truck load of paparazzi.

Sporting his beautiful pink backpack of wonders, Matt distributed the cameras to each camper.   

Swarming like ants to Frito Pie, campers adjusted their lenses and began their photo shoot.  

Even I was able to capture some of the moment.
In my opinion pictures can bring people closer together.
Even if that means having to all pile on to one couch.
I think any camper can say that the first digital photo activity of the summer was a great success.

And it all began with an experienced instructor and sporty pink backpack.