Campus Kids Has Talent!
Photos by CKNJ Staff
Article by Abi Brennan
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Campus Kids
Has Talent!

Hosted by Flack, Steve, Sam, Jimmy, and Noel.

Otherwise known as Flack and Steve?
And Jimmy and Sam?

The show started off with Campus Kids' very own Dave Heath! He preformed his very own original song.

The crowd really enjoyed it!

Austin followed soon after. She sang "Tomorrow" from the Annie soundtrack. 

Another singer was Lauren with the Beatles, "Hide Your Love Away".

Isabel sang too! She sang and played the guitar to "The Homework Song" with a little help from Steve.

Luis sang a "Spanish Love Song" to Flack.

Props really helped the audience understand what was happening.

Jimmy sang two songs including "Billy Jean".
Joel sang with him.

Another group was Dave and Lisa singing "Wonderwall." They were accompanied by Ben, Gwen, and Ste.

Soon afterwards, the younger girls showcased their rhyming abilities. They recited a group of chants from memory.

Matt and Adam also got on stage that night. They played and sang along to Journey.

There was even a spontaneous chugging contest!
Remy won!
Luis and Tristan also did a fencing act.
Unfortunately, Tristan didn't last the rest of the show...
Kim P., Laura, and Kim D. also did a dance.
It was to Aretha Franklin's "Think".
After a quick booty shake, the show was over.
Thanks to the hosts for an excellent job!
The crowd really enjoyed the whole show.

And a HUGE thanks to James for the enormous amount of hard work he put into the show. It wouldn't have happened without him.


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