Carnival Fun
Photos and Journal by Ethan Head
(click on photos to enlarge)

Welcome to the CK Carnival, where there's food, fun, and tickets galore

Step right up and have a blast.  Just don't forget to bring a spoon or you might just have to use your face.

Be first in line for the kissing booth...
...or maybe just "hang" around.
You are going to have the time of your life at the CK carnival.

Mitch and Stevie DJ away, taking musical requests and playing some of the best music around.

There are acrobats...
and some crazy air guitarists.
Throw a sponge at a counselor...
take the classic Pepsi-Coke challenge...
...or just bounce around with your buds.
Welcome to the CK Carnival,
where lunch is a barbeque...
And Vegas doesn't seem so far away.
Where men can be as manly as they want.
And the party never seems to end.
This is the CK Carnival!


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