Article and Photos by Abi Brennan
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As I approached the empty and barren graffiti board, I had high hopes for this group of campers.

Campers swarmed the counselors to get their practice boards.

Some campers chose to use their boards to practice...

While other campers jumped right in!

Campers waited their turn to use the spray paints with helpful suggestions.

Some campers chose to spray objects on the wall.

While others simply chose to announce their presence.

Even some counselors got involved and joined in.

Even I couldn't resist the urge, and I ended up joining too.

Campers passed time by painting on the practice boards.  Some chose to draw pictures while some put initials.

Julia holds up her practice board with pride in her eyes.

Things got out of hand towards the end... and I decided it would be a good time to leave.

As I was walking away I looked back.  I saw campers scattered around, spray cans on the ground, practice boards everywhere, but best of all I saw smiles and a beautiful work of art.  The graffiti exceeded my expectations, way to go CKNJ!


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