The Patriotic Dance!
Photos and Article by Abi Brennan
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The Patriotic Dance

Everybody put on their best for the big dance.

Counselors and campers roamed the quad waiting for the music to start.

Everybody mingled with others.

The music finally started, and everyone was all smiles.

One of the first songs was "The Cotton Eyed Joe".

Everybody was showing off their best dance moves.

There were some pretty interesting dance moves out there.

Clusters of people formed to dance around.

Due to an ENORMOUS amount of CK-NJ talent, Thursday Night Live was extended into the dance.

The performances outside were a special treat to CK-NJ.

The audience loved it all!


Unfortunately due to rain, the dance was rushed into the gym lobby.


People were a little apprehensive at first.

But nothing could ruin our fun!

If dancing wasn't your style, there was plenty to do.

People were soon dancing like there was no tomorrow.

Everybody showcased their unique moves.

Everybody grabbed a partner and danced the night away.

The dance was a blast, Happy Independence Day!