Staffies on a Role
Photos and Journal by Ethan Head
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For the longest time, I have been thinking about creating a photo journal primarily about the staff assistants.  So I thought, "Hey, what better time to do this than during Sundial collation."

First we have Adam S, one of the newcomers to the Staff Assistant group.  This member of Team B enjoys jamming out on his guitar and hanging out with his friends from camp.  He has also played the piano for several years.

Next we have Doug, member of Team D.  Doug is a funny guy and can always give everyone a good laugh.  Just remember, never leave your dinner plate exposed around Doug, for his appetite is astounding. 

Stevey is a returning worker for Team A.  He is so hard working that sometimes he needs to be told to hang out for a little while.  However, Stevey is a fantastic Ultimate Frisbee player.

Next is Meg, an active member of Team A.  She enjoys playing sports and is one of the Campus Kids lifeguards.

Paula, of Team C, is not the biggest fan of health screening, but did, in fact, write a song with Matt to entertain those waiting for it.  She also is very excitable (when she has coffee of course).

Adam B. lives up to his last initial, due to the fact that he is on Team B.  He has a laidback personality that is appealing to many and is always a quick helping hand. 

Pictures can always be deceiving.  Behind that happy face is a slightly annoyed Lauren of Team B, who is probably thinking, "I can't believe Ethan is taking a picture of all of us".  Lauren is normally fairly eccentric and is fun to be around.    

As you can see, Abi, from Team D, is not so happy about sundial collation.  She loves taking pictures, but wouldn't let me take one of her.  I took it anyway when she wasn't looking.

Ali, who is an outstanding part of Team B, is generally a happy person.  We have been informed that she is a wonderful flutist.  She also tells me that she is a dancer.

Another addition to Team C is Evan, who always seems to watch Family Guy in the Staff Lounge whenever it is on.  He is hardworking and is always willing to have a good time.   

Like Abi, Mitch was not keen about me taking his picture.  Likewise, I took one anyway.  Mitch is another lifeguard on Team A who has a great sense of humor. 

Also on Team A is the amazing Emma.  She finishes the lifeguard team and plays a wicked piano.  I, however, have yet to hear her play.

Matt, accompanying Evan, Paula, and Christine on Team C, has a very outgoing personality.  He is loyal to his friends and is an excellent team player. 

And finally there is me.  I enjoy writing music, taking photos for Team D, and chatting with my friends in the gazebo next to the Art building.

I hope I have given you a small glimpse into the Staff Assistant world.  Thanks for reading.



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