National Ste Appreciation!
Written by Abi Brennan
(click on photos to enlarge)

Steven "Ste":
Ste is a second year counselor from the United Kingdom. He is an accomplished musician and he graduated college with a degree of music technology. He currently resides in Clifford Hall. According to his campers, Ste is a great counselor. In order to honor him today is National Ste Appreciation Day.


It all started out with two shirts. The two shirts were turned inside out, and then they were made into Ste fan shirts.

Mitch and Zach modeled their shirts with dedication.
They decorated the front...

And they decorated the backs.

The boys prep for their announcement. 

With smiles on their faces, they tell the whole camp how much they care about Ste.

The campers lined up at lunch to give Ste a hug of thanks.

There were even some double hugs!

Even some counselors joined in on the hugging festivities.

Even Jeremy hugged Ste! What an honor!

Then some truly unique greetings ensued...

And Garry had a dream come true during lunch!

Jake and Ste enjoyed acting out the awkward hug, where no matter which way you move the hug still ends up wrong.

Andy was so appreciative, he decided to pick Ste up for a hug!

It looks like Ste loves his campers just as much as they love him.

Thanks for your continued hard work Ste!
Keep up the good work!