Thursday Night Live!
Written by Doug Bienstock
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Thursday Night Live!
Thursday Night Live, or TNL, is the premier performing event at Campus Kids. Campers and counselors alike sign up to show off their talents to the rest of the camp. This year's TNL hosted a variety of different acts.

The show was hosted by Zach  and Sydney P.

Remy sung and air guitared an astounding rendition of "welcome to the Jungle."

Some campers from the younger girls division impersonated the Big Red Dog.

Alyssa showed off her dancing to "Disco Inferno."

The counselors of Clifford Hall sung a song about the big red dog himself.

Jamie, Rus, and Noel rocked out to "Beverly Hills."

Counselors Ste, Dave, and Ben rocked out!

Lauren  sung "On My Own" beautifully.

A different Lauren serenaded the crowd with "Let It Be."

The gymnastics group showed off some Olympic quality moves.

Kim and Kim both had amazing voices.

Jimmy N., Kim, Eliza, and Natalie performed a stunning dance.

An important Campus news update was made.  

The audience saw a funny skit about a blind horse.

Counselors Jimmy and Kim displayed some hip-hop.

Staff Assistant Ethan performed an original composition.

Isabel and Sydney sung an original song about camp.

Staff assistants Doug, Matt, Adam, and camper Natalie performed in "The CK Dating Game."

Some younger campers taught the crowd a moral lesson .

Great job everyone!