Ultimate Frisbee
Written by Doug Bienstock
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Ultimate Frisbee
Also Known as "Ulti" is one of the biggest sports at Campus Kids NJ. Campers of all ages love to play this addicting sport. The Ultimate Frisbee tournament is highly anticipated at CK. For those of you who don't know, Ultimate Frisbee was invented in Maplewood, NJ. The rules are similar to Football with a few slight changes.


The two teams had different pre-game approaches.

The fast pace game started off as a pass was made to Staff Assistant Matt. Unfortunately, he failed to make the grab.

Following the incident, Matt ran off the field in a fit of shame.

The teams were very evenly matched in Frisbee skills...

and gymnastics skills?

Campers frantically ran into the end zone seeking the spinning Frisbee.

Timing and judgment is key in ultimate Frisbee. Able to judge the throw, an excellent catch was made inside the end zone for a score!