Drama Games!
Article and Photos by Abi Brennan
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I got to Drama Games in the theatre expecting a few kids to be sitting in the audience. Instead I found a ton of the members of  the Cheetah Girls!

To start off they began with a game about Fruit. It's a bit like a complicated "Monkey In The Middle". A person starts in the middle and everyone in the circle gets a different fruit. They call each other's fruit and the person has to counter with another fruit before tagged by the person in the middle.
The game was a mix between a challenge and a fun time.

All the girls had a chance to go in the middle to try to challenge their friends.

All the girls were ready and anticipated their fruit being called.

They stood in their circle ready to spring into action at any moment.

As each new girl entered the middle, the game grew more intense.

The game finally ended after a few rounds, and everybody took a seat to listen to Lisa and Joel teach the next game.

The girls finally settled and were waiting patiently for further instruction.

Lisa used Sydney to demonstrate the next game.

A person sits in the middle and starts to tell a story. The girls in a circle shout out a word one at a time, and the person in the middle needs to incorporate the word into their story and continue talking with no pauses.

Sydney told everyone about her Mom and shopping and used the girls' words to elaborate.

There was also a story about a Father and Daughter movie trip.

The last game was demonstrated by Joel and Lisa together. The two people on stage need to have a conversation. The conversation can only consist of questions and every time you talk you must state a question.

At first the game seemed easy.

But the game proved to have it's challenges.

Groups got up there and did their best to keep conversations and questions flowing.

This group does their best to talk about recycling.


As more groups went, the game began to make more sense.

The questions and game were a hoot to the campers.

The topics ranged from shoes to James the Fine Arts coordinator.

The girls all really enjoyed the class and turn to be on stage.

Even I got up there to duke it out with James.

Their smiles made it evident that the game was a lot of fun, and that the activity Drama Games is a blast!

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