Jewelry Making!
Article and Photos by Abi Brennan
(click on photos to enlarge)

I headed into Jewelry Making, not knowing what to expect. I headed over to the strings to examine the different types that could be used.

There I found buckets full of beads. So many to chose from!

There were assorted beads...

Little beads...

And letter beads. Not knowing what to chose, I decided just to check out what the campers were making.

Natalie had already started a bracelet, and was adding more beads to it.

Julie picked through beads to decide which to use on her bracelet.

Campers always have a great time during this activity and make new accessories to show their friends.

Even the counselors were beading along with them!

Beading requires intense concentration and precision.

Some campers took a break...

While others worked diligently to finish their masterpieces by the time the period was over.

The final results were awesome, and everybody made some beautiful stuff!

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