Water Balloon Volleyball
Article by Doug Bienstock
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Water Balloon Volleyball
Water balloon volleyball is one of the favored evening activities at Campus Kids. Campers pair up and take a towel to play the game. The opposing sides must launch water balloons across the net using their towels. It is much harder than it sounds, and many people end up soaking wet.

The bunk groups went back to their respective buildings to prepare for the epic game. The pairs returned to the net and strategized for the game.

There were plenty of balloons to be tossed. Some of them were bigger than camper's heads.

There were some epic tosses made by both sides.

Everyone on the opposite side was poised to catch the incoming water balloon.

Things were going great at the volleyball court. Then, staff assistant Adam S. brought out the biggest balloon ever seen at Campus Kids...

Campers quaked in fear as one team readied to launch the humongous balloon.

Some campers even deserted their team mates!

In the end, the balloon didn't scare the brave Supers, and they all had a blast!

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