Pirate Day
Written by Ethan Head
(click on photos to enlarge)

ARRRGHH!  It's Pirate Day me hardies!  String up your boots and get your swords ready.  Just be careful or you'll walk the plank.


The day began with a catchy pirate jingle, written by a few of the staff members.  They sang with the spirit of true pirates.
Next, a small skit was preformed, which was so "well planned and organized" that the actors used their scripts just to fool the audience.

Jeremy then explained the rules of the Treasure Hunt.

Campers would split up into their bunk groups and search for plastic gold coins.  These coins would be counted at the end.  The bunk group with the most coins would be given either a Pizza party, Ritas ices, or a piņata.
Coins could be taken away by pirates out on the loose.  If a pirate was to steal a camper from their group, the bunk would have to sacrifice twenty coins as their ransom. 

A pirate could be persuaded to lower their fee if coerced by a funny pirate joke. 
If a hidden staff assistant was to be found by any bunk group, they would be taken prisoner and would receive a random amount of coins for doing so.  I, however, was not included in the hiding staff assistants.

Unfortunately for me, most campers were not informed of this and chased after me.
Overall, Pirate Day was a huge success and will definitely go "FAAAAARRR" in Campus Kids history.