Shake Your Booty!
Article by Abi Brennan
(click on photos to enlarge)

Shake your booty, it's the Pirate Dance!

Some people came dressed up in nice outfits, and some decided to go to the Pirate Dance as a pirate.

At first, everyone was just standing around...

But soon everyone was dancing like Pirate Day would never end.

There were some interesting moves happening out there.

Some chose to simply relax and sit back with friends.

Everybody had fun in "The Salty Frito".

People stood in the crowd to watch staff "Walk The Plank". Also known as staff getting knocked by campers into the Dunk Tank.

Campers were overjoyed to see their counselors get dunked.

If dancing wasn't your style, you could head over to Ga-Ga. Staff brought the court over so everyone could enjoy it during the dance.

Besides Ga-Ga, Gladiator was also offered.

Everyone was clearly enjoying themselves.

Argggg! Can't wait until next year!

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