All Spelled Out!
Photos and Article by Abi Brennan
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All Spelled Out was an original play that was preformed on Thursday night. It was written by the kids of CK-NJ and preformed by them as well.

I sat waiting with anticipation waiting for the show to start. I knew it would be a good one.

Lights Cameras Action! It was time to start the show!

The scene started out with Aggie, a 6th grader who's  Mother was waking her up for a big day.

The next scene took place in Aggie's school hallway.

Miss Muffet's students greeted each other, and talked about who they thought would win the spelling bee.


Some tension rose between Aggie and her classmate Toby.
The next scene took place in Miss Muffet's classroom.

Then it was time to see who would represent the class in the spelling bee!

All of the students had a fair chance to spell their words.

In the end, it was Aggie and Toby who prevailed, and they would represent Miss Muffet's class in the bee.

That night while Aggie was practicing with her friends...
Toby was scheming with his friends and planning to cheat to win like he had during class.

During class the next day, Toby's friend found the Spelling Bee word list! He was caught by Miss Muffet and reprimanded with a detention.
However, the other member of Toby's posse created a diversion to get Miss Muffet to leave during the detention and they got the word list for Toby.

It was time for the Spelling Bee!
Although they hadn't gotten along well in the past, Aggie wished Toby luck.

Aggie and Toby's competitors from other classes looked fierce and ready.
The children were introduced to the judges, and the spelling began!

Due to some problems Toby's cheating methods didn't work and he spelled his word incorrectly.
If Aggie could spell her word right, she would win...

And she did it!
She won the 1,000 dollar check and the trip to Aquapalooza!

It just goes to show that cheaters never win, and winners never cheat!

Congratulations to a fabulous job by the cast!

A fantastic job by the directors!

And as always, a major thank you to James for all his hard work!

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