Half Pipe Palooza
Written by Ethan Head
Photos by Ethan, Tom, and Stu
(click on photos to enlarge)

There are only so many times in Campus Kids history when something extremely epic occurs.  Such grand events might include the first use of the announcements song or Jeremy beginning to lose his hair.  However, there is nothing quite as amazing as the Israel Brothers' performance at the new half pipe.     

Russ and Gill Israel are acclaimed skateboarders at camp.  Each have given me numerous awesome photos every day from the skate park activity, of which you have probably seen. 

This week, a new half pipe was delivered to Campus Kids.  Jeremy, being the ambitious person he always is, asked a few staff assistants to set up the portable ramps in the quad for all to see.  Luckily, I was not one of those staff assistants. :^) 

And so, the tearing up began  

It was not long before the brothers became used to the ramps' steepness.  A show for the audience became brotherly competition to decide who, indeed, is the best Israel. 

Others soon joined in the fun, as well.


However, for some it took a few tries without chickening out.   Of course, once Jeremy, my boss, sees that I have written this, I will be the cowering chicken.  (note from Jeremy: I've read this and locked Ethan in the closet.  He'll be living on a diet of flat foods, i.e. pre-packaged cheese slices and crackers,  that can be slipped under the closet door, until I feel he has learned his lesson.  I was gonna let the hair comment go... but the chicken thing was too much.)


Russ and Gill Israel have added to Campus Kids' most epic moments and will be remembered
as talented extreme sports athletes!