Shoe Golf:
The Best Kind of Golf

Written by Ethan Head
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Shoe Golf:  The Best Kind of Golf

You don't have to be Tiger Woods to agree that golf is a fun sport.  What better way to play than with your shoes. 

It may seem a bit ridiculous at first, but a good time can easily be found in shoes flying off of smelly, yet forceful feet.

Ste, accompanied by his team of golf enthusiasts, led a great game, deciding where and where not to make the "hole" for the shoes' target.

Another group consisting of only girls took a separate route from Ste and were led by another Counselor. 

Unfortunately, Ste had made many of his targets too far away, giving most of the campers double or even triple bogey.

Nonetheless, everyone had fun flinging their kicks around camp.

Take that Tiger Woods!  Shoe Golf is the bomb!