International Cup
Written by Doug Bienstock
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Every session at camp, a momentous sports occasion occurs. Week 4 came around and shocked CK soccer fans around. The 2008 International Cup game was here.

The match was commentated on by Dave H. and Ste K. They are two very knowledgeable counselors, just not on the topic of soccer.

The game showcased the Fantastic 4 plus 11 more

Against the challenging Incredibles.

The game quickly turned into a defensive battle. Both team's goalies seemed to make amazing save after save.

The offense of the Incredibles captained by Jack G. could not penetrate the Fantastic 4's superb defense.

Both teams fought valiantly for the International Cup. The level of soccermanship seen in the finals was never before seen at CK.

Finally, after many attempts, the Fantastic 4 plus 11 more put together a brilliant offensive run.

The defense excellently fed the soccer ball up the field (or pitch as the British say) and passed it off to Greg E.
The shot just slipped by the goalie's outstretched arms. The crowd erupted with a cheer: GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!

Down a score, the Incredibles had little time to even things out. The offense tried time after time to put a point on the board.
Alas, time was against the Incredibles. The final whistle blew, and the Fantastic 4 went on as champions.

Both teams exhibited great sportsmanship as they shook hands in the center of the field.

The Fantastic 4 plus 11 more received their well earned International Cup!