Holy Tug of War
Written by Doug Bienstock
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In tradition with Pirate Day, the boys down at Clifford held a Holy Tug of War competition. There were four teams consisting of junior boys competing for the glory and pirate treasure.

The Scum Dogs were a team to be reckoned with.

The Cannon Ball Jugglers did not take any nonsense.

The Plank Walkers motto was "Nothing is over!"

The Cracker Barrels' name might sound like a popular restaurant, but they offer no hospitality at all.

The first match-up was between the the Scum Dogs and the Cracker Barrels.

Both teams put up a mighty battle of wits and strength. In the end, the Scum Dogs forced the challenger into the brink.

The next match-up was between the Cannonballs and Plank Walkers.
In the end, it was the Cannonballs who walked the plank into the cold water.

The finals of this mini-tournament pitted the Scum Dogs against the tough Plank Walkers.
Both teams fought hard and honorably, but in the end the Plank Walkers came away with the victory!