Deal or No Deal
Photos and Article by Doug Bienstock
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A favorite at CK, Deal or No Deal is adored by all campers. Taking from the famous game show, the boys and girls groups both choose a series of suitcases in order to determine their fate.Instead of Howie Mandel, a group of models, and attaché cases, Andy and Teri presented the paper cases.  Ryan Belline acted as the CK banker.

There were many prizes hidden in the various cases. Some were awesome, some not so awesome.

The junior boys were up first. They collaborated as a team to choose their cases. The team chose case to keep.

The boys worked quickly to eliminate the bad from their possibilities.

Ryan offered them some lovely games such as Mancala, but the boys were going for gold.

Towards the end, the boys started to hit some speed bumps. Prizes like movie night and announcements box seats were taken from the board.

The boys whittled it down to case 3 and their own, number 5. One contained a pizza party, and the other would make them serenade the girl group. The room was quiet in anticipation.

The boys made a group decision to keep their initial case. To their dismay, and Jeremy D.'s excitement, case 5 contained the Serenade!

Already excited for the boys, the junior girls were up next. They were hoping for a better performance.

The girls also got off to a great start. Items such as "Ryan's choice of very bad things" were quickly removed. Ryan was not too happy.

As hard as banker Belline tried, the girls would not accept his offers. With pizza party on the board, the junior girls were going for broke.

The girls continued to impress, removing the "acorn" prize. They also got rid of "announcements box seats."

In the final round the girls were stuck in quite the conundrum. They were left with a movie night, pizza party, and serenade.

The girls pulled through, and one a pizza party! The reaction was better than watching popcorn in the microwave! The junior girls were screaming in joy!