Frophomore Apache Relay!
Photos and Article by Abi Brennan
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Frophomore Apache:
The Apache Relay is a long held event that happens at CK-NJ. This time, the Freshman and Sophomores combined to have their own for an evening activity. Thus, the Frophomore Apache Relay!

The Freshman and Sophomores gathered around to wait for their very own Apache Relay to begin.

Once they all arrived, it was time to begin.

The lists were distributed and the counselors were told to assign different kids to different events.

Everyone finished distributing events and waited for the race to begin.

And they were off!

The first station was a difficult one... fingernail painting. Even the boys had to participate.

Next the groups rushed over to tag off the next team member. In this stage, fitness and strength were tested with a series of push ups and sit ups.

Each group also tested their aerodynamics when they all had to shoot a paper airplane into a garbage can.

Then it was time to swivel your hips at the hula hoop station.

Even though they were competing against each other, the kids joined together for the jump rope station.

Paper clips were next! Chains were made with the swiftest hands available in the bunk groups.

Creativity was put to the test at the next station. A poem about Campus Kids was to be made by each bunk group.

A little bit of counselor help was required for the next station. Each bunk group had to make a human period with 6 campers.

The Apache Relay really tests everything you've got. Stomachs especially at the next station, where a jar of baby food had to be eaten.

Sturdy hands required for this next station. The water balloon toss was included in the Apache Relay.

Hopefully you like crackers or this next station will be tricky. Campers were required to put 7 crackers into their mouths and whistle their division song.

Heads up! The next station required to kids to pass each other a soccer ball...with their heads!

Cover your ears! Each group needed to sing "I'm A Little Teapot" to move onto the next station.

Next up was the wheelbarrow walk. Campers had to guide their partners on their hands from one side to the other.

Hop to it! One of the last events was the three legged race.

Grab a long board and let's go! Two campers had to sit on the board and push themselves to the announcements tree area.

The last station was The Human Knot. Everybody puts their hand in the middle and grabs another hand. Then they all have to untangle themselves from the circle.

The Apache Relay was a blast!
Good job to everyone!