Super Commercials!
Photos and Article by Abi Brennan
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Super Commercials:
Commercial night has long been an evening activity here at CK-NJ. Last night, the Super Seniors got a chance to show off their best acting and marketing during commercial night.

The show started off with a musical interlude by Dave Heath.

Once all the Supers had arrived, it was time to start the program.

The show was hosted by Kali, Dave, and Teri.

The Kit Kat Club took the stage first.

After a quick do over, they were ready to start take two.

Each girl had a problem until this rubber chicken came along to save the day.

With the rubber chicken every girl was able to exceed expectations...

And accomplish their dreams.

The rubber chicken saved their marriage!

After a quick information blurb about this chicken, the first group was done.

A narrator for the Kitty Litter helped us observe the Geico Gecko in his natural habitat.

The gecko tries to talk people into buying the insurance. The similarity between the the real Geico Gecko and Greg is remarkable.

Things got interesting when the Gecko met a customer that sounded much like himself.

Overall, the Gecko had a successful time up on stage.

The Frisky Whiskers got on stage third. They all held up an object that some campers may bring to camp and suggested how much they all might cost.

Some had mirrors.

Others had sunscreen and pillows.

Some had sunglasses and picture frames.

Some had spoons.

Some had cards and lastly some had flashlights.

But they all had a summer at CK-NJ, which is priceless.

The Snoop Dogs were up next. They approached the stage wearing  pants up high and stood at the ready.

"David Blaine" joined them on stage to perform some of his magic tricks.

First, he had one of the boys pick a card. Then that same card ended up in the boy's shoe!

Next he told "Slim Jim" to open his wallet.

The card was in there!

Lastly he turned this boy's orange soda...

Into Cheez-Itz!

Then we heard a short blurb about the delicious baked crackers.

Next up was the Hairballs introducing their product the Staff Assistant 5,000.

The basis of the idea was that whenever there wasn't enough staff assistants or one to do the job, there would be the Staff Assistant 5,000.

To fill up the water coolers in the hot weather.

To take you to the nurse when you got hurt.

To give you your snack during Snack Time.

The Staff Assistant 5,000 is almost as good as the real ones.

Next the Hello Pitbulls showed off their special hair product.

Where no matter how sweaty or gross you were, you could still look great with your hair product.

Next was the Foxy Felines introducing their brand of Cat Nip, Foxy-Nip.

Girls who were made fun of...

And girls that were constantly teased...

Had to eat the Foxy-Nip, and they would become more more confident and happy people.

Next were the Subwoofers, introducing their product of Star Power Pills.

After eating one, you could go from hairy, to hairless!

You could go from short, to tall!

You could go from flab, to abs!

And lastly you could go from pale, to bronze!


Last was the Kooky Kitties, who were tired of their hair ties always breaking.

So they made hair ties that don't break.

Good job to everyone!