Week 5 Talent Show
Written by Ethan Head
(click on photos to enlarge)

Hey Campus Kids!  I'm back again with another photo journal of our camp wide Talent Show.  This one, hosted by Andrew, Gwen, Kim, Tom, and Emily, was a huge hit.


Here was the game plan.  Our clever DJ and stage director for the evening, James (Blue), would be in charge of all sound and acts on stage.  Paparazzi (Yellow) would be sat throughout the audience to capture the moment.  I was one of these paparazzi, however, there is no way to draw a yellow circle around the person who is taking the picture.  Last but not least, Dave (Red), who although was not doing anything at this particular moment, would later play a key role. 


And so the night began


A compilation of several skits made its way to the stage, which included the number 99, a slumber party, and a game of tennis.


Singing also made up a major part of the evening, with songs about popularity, being too cool, missing a loved one, and "Where Shenequa At?".   


Some more bizarre acts were shown.  What could be more entertaining than belching the alphabet and someone putting their legs behind their head.   If only they could have put their acts together, they would have gotten double the acclaim.  Who else could imagine a flexible person with terrible gas.  (Jeremy perhaps)

(Jeremy, this means war for having me locked in a closet with flat foods)     

I have seen a lot of loopy people in my day (including myself).  To that effect, the drama game, Park Bench, was performed on stage and showed that if you are obnoxious enough, people will leave you alone.

Dear Laura,
Good Job

From Your Big Bro,


Two bands played their hearts out with songs from Linkin Park and Red Hot Chile Peppers.  A guitarist from one of the bands would also show off his skills by making sound effects with his guitar.


Are you a Beyonce fan?  If so, this show would be your favorite.  A new camper, Damian, danced to one of Beyonce's hits and the crowd went wild.  Dave and Tom couldn't keep from dancing, themselves.   

What a show.  The campers did a wonderful job and the audience was very pleased.