Oh Yes It's 80's Night!
Article and Photos by Abi Brennan
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Get wicked stoked, it's 80's Night!

It was also Goth Night... Peter got a little confused of what club he was ending up at.

Not everybody got dressed up, but it was okay! Everyone still had lots of fun at 80's Night.

There were other campers that went all out however!

Everyone chilled out while they waited for things to get setup.

Once everything was ready it was time to party, 80's style!

There was some intense hula hooping.
There was some riveting Twister.

There were makeovers with fabulous 80's makeup.

Or you could just sit back with your friends and listen to 80's music.

I guess Peter wasn't the only Goth at 80's night. There were Goths in the 80's, so they fit right in.