Pebble Game!
Article and Photos by Abi Brennan
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Nikki holds up the bag of pebbles with excitement. She's all ready to distribute them to her division for the game.

The Cheetah Girls trooped out after lunch to learn how to play their new and exciting division game.
Nikki counted out the pebbles to get ready to hand to all the girls.

The girls put their game faces on, ready to face their challenges.

The girls sat attentively and paid close attention as Nikki explained the game.

The game is played as follows. Every girl gets a small pebble that they must be holding in their hand at all times. There are exceptions to keep the girls safe, but if seen without your pebble, you can get out. Every girl is assigned another girl in the younger division or a counselor in the division, that they must try to catch without their marble and get them out.

Nikki then held up an example of what the pebble that the girls would be getting looked like.

The girls then lined up one by one to collect their pebble and to find out what other camper or counselor they had to get out.

Emma holds up her pebble, and is clearly excited that counselors can play too!

Good luck to all the girls!