Round Trip to Round Valley

Written by Ethan Head
(click on photos to enlarge)

Wait a second.  I think its that time again.  Ah yes, another day trip.       

This senior day trip was stationed at Round Valley Lake, which can be compared to previous day trips at Lake Hopatcong.

Who could deny that a trip to Round Valley's beachside made for a fun...


"Hey!  Come back here!"
...and friendly event
A fine gallery of art was created in the sand.
Fink's Turtle Tiered Castle

Pyramid CK '08 Peace and Love
As the trip progressed, lunch time arrived.
The Leaning Tower of Fig Newtons

During this period of time, Bjorn and I were urged to consume our body weight in Fig Newtons

Which was not a very pleasant experience.

Day trips allow campers to have an exciting time somewhere beyond camp.

Where they can relax...
And spend more time with friends.

Round Valley Lake was an excellent day trip for the seniors.


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