Ultimate Rob-Lou-Jen / Frisbee Tournament Bonanza Fest
(Longest Title Ever)

Written by Ethan Head
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Campus Kids hosts tournaments like a male staff assistant eats his cake; in large amounts.  However, there are few occasions when two sports tournament finals are held in a row. 




                            Ultimate Frisbee


If I could rate the amount of excitement from one to ten during these two games, I would have to say it is around the number 500.

Of course I am exaggerating to some extent.

The Rob-Lou-Jen tournament was so exciting that it was actually brought into overtime.  

And was soon ended by the winning team's MVP.

Ultimate Frisbee also kept the crowd on the edge of their seats.  However, considering campers did not have seats, the crowd was technically on the edge of their pants.
The Compound Fractures began with a slight lead...
...and stress began to build on Torn ACL.

But wait!  Who was here to help his team after getting caught up in work! (Who's job was later covered by me so he could go to such a game).  Why its none other than the fantastic Matt W.

Torn ACL Wins!!
Leaving the Compound Fracture to remorse. 
But remember, everyone is a winner at CK
A corny saying has never been more true.


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