Article and Photos by Ethan Head
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A.W.T.F.E.A.!!  In any other setting you would have no idea  what I just said.  However in the game Acrophobia, this would mean "Achrophobia was tonight's fun evening activity". This wonderful game uses acronyms to make sentences. (T.W.G.U.A.M.S.).
The rules of the game are simple.  The game leaders pick letters out of a bag and decide on a category.
Then, each group decides upon a sentence to work with this acronym and its category.  For example, the Acronym, S.A.E.C might mean "Staff Assistants Eat Cake" if the category was Camp.



Papers are given to one of the game leaders.
The judges then decide which group constructs the most zany and creative word choices.
In my opinion, this can be a very entertaining game.  Well, "gtg". "bbl" for another photo journal.