Family Feud!
Photos and Article by Abi Brennan
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The first ever CK-NJ Family Feud as an evening activity was held last night!

The show was hosted by Ryan, Teri, and Dave H.

Representatives from each bunk group got up to duke it out against each other.
Naturally they all shook hands first.


The competitors lined up at the ready. The first to slap one of the hosts' hand would be eligible to play the question or pass it.


Luckily there were certain kids who were willing to act out they sound effects and motions when they groups were wrong or right,


But there were also campers who cheered on others and there teammates.


Kitty Litter was one question away from the win. If they guessed the first choice correctly, they'd win.


And they guessed Twix correctly! Congratulations to Kitty Litter on their win!