International Day!
Article and Photos by Doug Bienstock
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International Day
Campus Kids hosts a variety of different cultures and backgrounds. Counselors fly in from all over the world to share the awesome summer. Today, the counselors had the rare opportunity to share some of their culture with the rest of camp!

Internationals represented their various homelands.

For some Scottish pride, Campers crafted some kilts and poi.

Escondidas is a Spanish word meaning "Hide and Seek." It is only a little different than the good old American version. The hiders must place a ball into the basket without being seen. It was very tough since the announcement tree does not provide very good hiding spots!

The journalist isn't very sure whether Net Ball is British or not, but that was one game represented by the UK.

Walking Welsh had very little to do with walking. Instead, Bex and Tom taught campers some Welsh words.

"Headers and Volleys" was all about England. Campers learned all about Soccer (or football as they say across the pond).

Volkerball, is the German word for Dodgeball. Native Bjorn showed camp what this game was all about. It turned out the campers were quick learners, and showed Bjorn how real men (and women) play!

Australian Kaitlyn explained the difference between American and Australian football.

No International Day would be complete without a genuine English tea time. Campers delighted in tea and biscuits customary to England.

Counselors and Englishmen Ste and Simon demonstrated real humor to the camp. They reenacted a couple of hilarious Monty Python skits. The Ministry of Silly Walking would be very pleased!

Another sport passed on by the United Kingdom is cricket. Played almost everywhere except the states, cricket is extremely popular. Similar to baseball, teams must hit a ball from the opposing team. The aim is to protect those sticks (wickets), while scoring runs.

Peter, the camp Irishman, showed off his dancing abilities. Before he knew it, the whole camp was alive with the Irish jig!

Rugby is an all out European sport that tests courage, strength, toughness, and more. It is extremely similar to football except more brutal. Campers learned a proper rugby tackle with help from counselors and cushioning.

To put an end to International Day, Donald and Jeremy showed off America. The two had a good old fashioned wild west duel. After loading water pistols, and taking ten paces the two fired upon one another! It is safe to say that Jeremy was easily taken down by Donald's sharp shooting!

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