Campus Kids Marathon 2008
Article and Photos by Abi Brennan
(click on photos to enlarge)

Peter showed up to 90's night looking classy and ready to have a good time.

While we waited for everything to get set up and for everyone else to arrive.

There was a nail biting game of trivia about shows, music, games, and other general topics from the 90's.

Then we proceeded to make our own version of Gak. Gak is a slimy and squishy substance similar to silly putty.

The kids helped make it with glue, warm water, and corn starch.

Based on the look of Molly's face it's evident that making Gak was a lot of fun.

After stirring the mixture for a while, it was time to add food coloring.

Everyone was excited to play with the finished products.

Next it was time for a rocking dance party!

90's music was blasted and could be heard all around the neighborhood.

Lastly it was time for everyone to crowd around the microphones and sing some karaoke!

Everyone shared the microphones and hits from the bands such as The Hansen Brothers and Backstreet Boys blared from all around.

Boys and girls joined in and had a blast!

Another successful night from the past here at CK-NJ!