The Brain Game!
Article and Photos by Abi Brennan
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It's Cranium The Brain Game's first appearance at Evening Programs!

Hosted by Sara and Teri, the names were read.

The rules were clear. A camper is chosen from a group to roll the die. If the got any color besides purple they had to perform the task designated to that color. If they rolled purple they could pick their task.

Die Colors and Meanings

Red- A group member draws something and the rest of the group has to guess what it is.
Blue- A group member must act out something without saying anything.
Yellow- A group member must act out a character but cannot use names or places.
Green- A group member must hum a tune and the rest of the group must guess it.


The pieces were placed on the board and the groups were ready to go.


One by one, each bunk group sent up a representative.

Then they picked out of the bag who would have to perform what task for the group.

Some needed a little help with their picks.

Members of each group had to get up there so that they could...
And Draw.
The first ever Cranium game at CK-NJ was a huge success and a lot of fun.