Battle of the Bands
Article and Photos by Ethan Head
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As you probably already know, I am a huge music lover.  From what I have learned as a musician, a simple tune can be made from just about anything.

In the Battle of the Bands evening activity, campers were given several items to use as instruments and were asked to make a short song.


These items could be as useful as a tambourine or as unforgiving as a silent foam Frisbee.  Of course, who could have forgotten the easy button included in one of the bags.


Everyone worked diligently to achieve the task of creating their own tunes.

Though some insisted on being in many of my pictures, or instead jumped in my shots when they weren't.

The judges were ready, including the musical mastermind himself, Dave Heath.

Dog Pound's "That was easy" song was certainly not an "easy" one to create, for its lyrics required a large amount of memorization. 

Meow Mix delivered a clever tune utilizing a garbage bag, stapler, and clapping.

"Oops, I dropped my keys", an original by the K9 Squad, was very well thought out with a technique called a round.

An activity like this proves that even without proper instruments, music can still be made with a little improvisation.   You could almost say "that was easy".