Campus Kids Marathon 2008

Written by Ethan Head
(click on photos to enlarge)

"On your mark. Get set. GO!"  And they're off.  What a day it is to run in the Campus Kids Marathon.
A two and and one mile race was held for this event, and had campers running faster than a trip to the bathroom on Frito pie day   
Each runner was given a number
Told to stretch their muscles...
And congregate at the starting line
The race began and campers rushed across camp.
Leaving behind a nasty trail of sweat.
During a point in the race, campers were required to stop and boogie for at least one second.  If camper did not partake in the boogieing, they would be disqualified.
As the race progressed, I noticed a few unusual aspects, including a strangely dressed duo .

and some campers' obsessive need to pose for a picture

Winners rejoiced
Along with those to follow
There is nothing like a good run, a hard sweat, and the accomplished feeling at the end of a race.


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