Shoot out!
Article and Photos by Doug Bienstock
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Campers of all ages donned their air forces and jerseys for the first CK basketball shoot out.

Shooters paired up and competed for the highest point totals. Different spots around the court were worth different amounts.

The younger division saw some real ballers.

There were some real Jason Kidds out on the court at the Reeves gym.

In the older kids division, the competition heated up quickly. The dynamic duo of Matt S. and Brian S. seemed invincible.

There were many other pairs that also made it rain.
A few tried to copy the Michael Jordan shot.

As the rounds ran on, Kelcy became the only girl baller standing. Like Shaq and D. Wayde, the two propelled themselves into the finals.

The seemingly unstoppable duo of Brian and Matt also found themselves in the finals.

In the end there could be only one shoot out winner. Shaq and Kobe, aka Jimmy and Kelcy, proved no match for the Super Boys. Matt and Brian proved they are the real CK ballers.