CK Can Put On a Show!
Article and Photos by Doug Bienstock
(click on photos to enlarge)


The show began with the one who makes it all possible, James. He introduced the show with the CK lion and the hosts...

Or the younger hosts? After stepping through a "time machine" the real hosts, Andy CG, Ryan Belline, Dave Morgan, Jimmy Curly, Dave Heath, And Ste Kenny stepped out.

The first act was Jeremy D. performing "The Flintstones" on trumpet. He made Louis Armstrong proud.

Before the show could go on, the camp was visited by a real legend. Jack Dinwiddy came to the show! Or did he???

Jordan R. blew the crowd away with her rendition of "Barracuda."

Louise E. came on stage to share some flute compositions.
Daryn J. stunned everyone with "Tomorrow."

Adam F. and Jordan G. attempted "Through the Fire and Flames," but instead introduced the next act.

Jeremy B. and Will H. performed a very original Samurai Ballet. Samurais everywhere were inspired.

Kevin L. and Peter G. showed off their amazingly complex handshake for everyone to marvel in.

Austin S. performed "Maybe" from "Annie," the movie and musical.

Michael B. and Jess H. got the crowd pumped with "Wannabe," by the spice girls.

A quick voiceover was done about Kevin L.'s true thoughts as he made that not so smart move at graffiti activity.

Dan W. and Kory G. played a couple jokes on the counselors and staff.

Throughout the show, the hosts wished to demonstrate the world in Ste's eyes. (Hint: everything is much bigger.)

Zoe f., Ava N., and Marisa C. sung "Damaged" by Danity Kane.

Joel and Jimmy stunned the audience with some Acapella.

It seemed like every simple task is a challenge for Ste. Just look how big a paper bag appeared to him.

Teri and friends had a very important and abstract message about recycling.

Lauren S. sung "Outside Looking In."

The hosts tried to replicate a failed attempt of last year. They searched the chapel for the Super Sponges, and this time didn't break the chapel!

Jackson played a great guitar solo in memory of Darryl A.

The hosts continued to show the world in Ste's eyes. This time the camp saw how truly big a record appears to Ste.

Dupers Marlena H., Chloe M., Jamie G., and Eliza P. sung a truly touching good bye song to CK.

.Counselors Matt, Jake, Simon, Emily and campers Greg D, Alonzo C, and Max L. excellently remixed the Sandwich Song

All the Dupers got on stage for the last act. They all sung a heartfelt rendition of "Lean on Me."

To end the show, the hosts went through the time machine yet again. This time, they came out as Stu and Tom!

The show came to its final close with a last growl of the CK lion.