Rock of July Videos!
Videos by Karly Weinreb

The Dave Squared Experience
Featuring Ste's Amigos!

Andy Joel Jimmy!

John S. Ste Eric S.

Mitch F. Andy

Since U Been Gone ft. Ali B.

Intro/Superstar/She Will Be Loved

Soul to Squeeze ft. James

Soco Amaretto Lime

Hey Ya! Ft. Simon and James

Sunday Morning



Are You Gonna Be My Girl ft. Teri

  Abi B. Emma C. Matt Adam Dave H.
Mr. Brightside ft. James Ali B. Abi B. Emma C.

Here is Gone

Save Tonight

Shout! ft. James

Love Story

So What? ft. Rachel

Think of You Later

Matt Adam Jibran Emma  
I Believe In a Thing Called Love ft. Teri and James   Swing Swing  

Check Yes Juliet ft. Emma C.

  All the Small Things  

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