A Super Duper Dress Up!
Photos and Article by Karly Weinreb
(click on photos to enlarge)

Last night, the Super Seniors of Campus Kids New Jersey experienced a momentous occasion in CKNJ history- the first Celebrity Dress Up at our Blairstown campus!

First up was the infamous Britney Spears. Campers had the choice to dress up as the singer at any stage in her career. The Werewolves of London decided to disguise themselves as the pop princess impregnated, K-Fed included.

Next, campers dressed up as Mr. Walt Disney's two most famous creations, Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Campers scurried like mice to put together a quality costume, and the result was mousetastic!

We couldn't resist including one of our own celebrities. Here's the fabulous Tom Riddleberger, camp director extraordinaire!

Campers got creative. Here's Tom in his younger years with a big, fuzzy, brown afro.

Dave Heath was in a Bruce Wayne mood, so the next celebrity flying in was Batman and the Joker!

Celebrity Dress Up left campers happy and hungry for their first Blair canteen!

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