Deal Or No Deal- Team Male
Photos and Article by Karly Weinreb
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The time has come. Can the boys boldly go where no man has gone before? Can they tie the girls in Deal or No Deal by winning a pizza party?!

Again, the game started with Ryan Belline explaining the rules and prizes. Again, Belline's Choice of Very Bad Things was the last prize on the board.

Fortunately, they got rid of it early, and ufortunately they got rid of the pizza party, too. The girls were a little excited about that one.

Soon it came down to box seating at the variety show, one chocolate bar for the entire group that they would have to share, and waiter service at canteen. The Banker offered a very enticing deal- an autographed picture of the famous Teri, plus a bunch of other random stuff that Teri couldn't fit in her hands.

The last two prizes were box seating, and a chocolate bar. Obviously, the boys were a tad nervous.

If you have concluded from all of the celebratory hand gestures that they won the box seating at canteen, you would be wrong. They actually won one chocolate bar! It's okay though, because everyone's a winner at Campus Kids!

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