Deal or No Deal- Boys vs. Girls

Photos and Article by Karly Weinreb
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Campus Kids put their own spin on Deal or No Deal a few years ago, and now it's an evening activity favorite. The campers have the chance to win camp appropriate prizes, such as a pizza party, cutting the food line at dinner, and box seating at the variety show.

The hosts of the evening, Ryan, Steph, and Ali started the game by strategically and secretly placing the envelopes on the board.

Ryan Belline explained the rules, and most importantly, the fantastic prizes the campers had a chance of winning.  But wait! What's that in the bottom right corner of the board?! Could it be?

Uhoh! It looks like Ryan Belline's Choice of Very Bad Things has followed CK all the way to Blairstown.
Once everyone was done shuddering at the thought of Belline's Choice of Very Bad Things, the ladies rose to the occasion and went first.


After a stroke of bad luck, the girls were feeling a little antsy.

Pretty soon, their luck returned and they proceeded to get rid of crummy prizes such as a blade of grass, washing a CK van and a can of Spam. However, Belline's Choice of Very Bad Things still remained.

With the best prize, a pizza party, and the worst prize, Belline's Choice of Very Bad Things, still looming in the air, the banker was feeling very generous. With two cases left, he offered the girls three Campus Kids t-shirts from back in time! The girls were smart and refused the deal.

Of course, the girls felt the pressure.

They decided to stick to their original case, case number ten, and crossed their fingers


Case number ten contained... A PIZZA PARTY! Congratulations girls!
Stay tuned until Thursday, when the boys attempt to live up to the girls. Can they do it?

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