Drama Games!
Photos and Article by Abi Brennan
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The first game played was a tricky one. One person makes up an occupation and a reason for knowing the other person. The second person has to guess who they both are.

The kids had mixed reactions as an audience, but Nicole thought they all did great!
Next was the bus stop game. Two people sit at a "bus stop" and one has to scare the other off the bench. If you would normally feel uncomfortable if someone was acting like that towards you on a bench in real life, that's when you get up so the next person can go.

Some used words or stared unnecessarily until the other person was freaked out.
Some people embraced their inner creepiness to scare the person off the bench.

Some used "technology" to irk the other.

The facial expressions on the kids were almost as great as their acting.

It was evident that the kids had supreme acting skills based on the reactions on their faces.

However, some utterly kept their cool until they couldn't take it anymore.

Next came party games. Three people secretly pick an occupation and act it out without giving it away. The host of the "party" has to guess what they are based off of their actions and what they say.
Everyone had a chance to join the party and act or guess who the others were.
While all the games were acted out expertly, I think the best part of Drama Games was seeing all the kids having an awesome time at camp and expressing themselves creatively!

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