Super Sing Down!

Photos and Article by Abi Brennan
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Sing Down- A popular game at CK-NJ. What is it? A topic is presented to all the groups, and they have to sing a song relating to it. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! You never know what the order of the groups is, someone might snag your song! And some of the topics can be pretty challenging...
The campers split up into their bunk groups and got ready to hear the rules.

Bunk groups listened closely while Donald explained the rules to the game.

All the groups put their best efforts forward, and some killer dance moves.
Others even put forth some truly interesting outfit choices.

Bunk groups chose to belt out lyrics with some carefully thought out hand motions.

However, all 3 male bunk groups were no match for the super girls of CK-NJ!

The boys made a valiant attempt to recover throughout, especially during the double or nothing round.

But the girls were victorious in the end when their songs picked for the "Love" topic topped those of the boys.


But it isn't all about winning at Campus Kids. It's about fun, and I think we can all agree that plenty of fun was had.

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