Photos and Article by Doug Bienstock
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Apollo, Cupid, Robin Hood were all at the CK archery range this week. Well maybe not literally, but Campus Kids has plenty of campers ready to show off their archery skills.

Just in case it is not obvious. The aim of archery is to shoot the arrows, using a bow, at the target down range. The closer to the center, or bulls-eye, the better!

The archers lined up at the firing line, strung their bows, took aim, and fired!

The arrows whizzed through the air on route to bulls-eye, well hopefully.

Instruction from Archery counselors was readily available to any campers who needed a few pointers.

It seems like the bulls-eye was a little more elusive than the CK archers thought.


Don't forget to collect your arrows when everyone is done shooting!

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