The Blair Menagerie!
Photos and Article by Karly Weinreb
(click on photos to enlarge)

Humans are not the only animal species at Blair Academy. We encounter fuzzy, furry friends on a daily basis, all of them belonging to our neighbors on campus.

Meet the cat with many names! At first, nobody knew his real name so he was christened Oreo. Then, I was told his name was Spunky. Just five seconds ago I was informed that his name is Bunky, not Spunky, and two seconds later his name became Bucky. I'll just call him Oreo. As you can tell, his nickname suits him well.

Oreo loves playing with camp keys.


Despite her severe cat allergies, staff assistant Abi took quite a liking to Oreo.
Praying mantises love to relax on the front door of Annie Hall.
A cornucopia of canines live here at Blair Academy.  They're all very friendly and campers love playing with them.
Stay tuned for more about the animals at Blair!

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