Gather 'Round The Campfire!

Photos and Article by Karly Weinreb
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Campfires are perhaps the most popular evening activity among boys and girls of the older age group. It could be because of the mouth-watering s'mores, or maybe everyone enjoys hanging out in the bowl with a nice fire to keep them warm.
It took a lot of preparation. Thankfully, Teri used to be a girl scout, so she knew exactly what to do.


The campers began with a long wait in front of the golden table of s'more fixations.


The counselors, Devon, Dave Heath, and Dave Morgan had a jolly time handing out cinnamon graham crackers, fluffy marshmallows and Hershey's chocolate to campers anxiously waiting.
Once they received their raw s'mores, it was roasting time.


Campers love lighting marshmallows on fire.

The best part:


Two campers *gasp* had never had the honor of eating a s'more before. Hopefully it was a fantastic experience.
Some played guitar while others took to hanging out and piling on top of each other.
With friends, nature, and  s'mores, how could it not have been a successful campfire?

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