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Gymnastics - Physical exercises designed to develop and display strength, balance, and agility.
Kids of all ages sign up every day for this activity, where skills are developed and moves are taught. No prior experience is needed, and the counselors help kids of all ages with their gymnastic skills.

First the counselors helped all the kids stretch together.
Stretching is extremely important. If you don't stretch enough, or properly, you could easily hurt yourself.
First the instructors had the campers perform a series of jumps on the trampoline.

There is the tuck jump.

The straddle jump.

And the pike jump.

Extreme concentration and determination was displayed.

But mostly, the campers had a lot of fun learning new jumps and bouncing around.
The campers quickly practiced their abilities with somersaults and rolls.
But then the counselors moved them on to front flips. However, Jase demonstrated first so the campers knew what to do.
Jase spotted all the campers flipped, and watched as they all improved.
Gymnastics is a great activity for the campers to sign up for. They learn a lot of new skills and always have fun!

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