Soccer Tournament!
Photos and Article by Abi Brennan
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 It was a battle of epic proportions.

The final match of the soccer tournament was between The Clueless Clues and The Awesome Operations.


Both teams warmed up in preparation for the big game!


The match was commentated by the dynamic duo of Dave H. and Ste.

And the match was hosted by the referee, linesman, and lines woman.
Jimmy C., Holiday, and Rachel.

The fans were brimming with excitement, and it was time to start the game!

Each team had a quick group huddle, and it was time to start!

The game was intense! All the campers and counselors fought hard to score goals, and to help prevent the other team from scoring.


The ball was flying everywhere! The game was picking up!
Then  Clueless Clues' player, Lily, scored two points in the first half!
Then it was time for half time! First there was a dizzy bat competition!

The word dizzy is an understatement. People tend to fall a lot!
But they always get back up!
Then it was time for the half time hip hop dance!
Then the head counselors had a ball bouncing competition, which Andy won.
Then it was time to get back to the second half!

Then the Clueless Clues scored two more goals.


But the Awesome Operations spirits did not sink. And they ended up scoring one goal themselves!
But in the end, the Clueless Clues prevailed!
They were awarded the trophy!
And they all kissed it in true championship spirit.

But these two teams weren't the only ones who played well! All teams in the tournament played greatly and everyone should be proud of themselves!


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