Photos and Article by Doug Bienstock
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Ultimate Frisbee. Perhaps the premier sport here at Campus Kids. Campers of all ages and experience love to play this action packed sport. The rules are very similar to a football. The major exception is you cannot run with the frisbee. The opposing teams line up and attempt to score in the opposite end zone.

Campers use speed and size to their advantage in order to get free for the disc.

When the disc is thrown up high into the air it is called a "jump disc" and players on both teams go up to grab the disc. It really is anyone's game!

Sometimes neither team can come down with the disc...

Another key to the game is defense. Defending teams can try to knock the disc out of the air and take possession. What a D!

It is important to make use of every team mate in the game to move the disc down the field.

The lay out in the end zone for the win! Can he make the catch?!

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